Perfect day…with dolphins and beaked whales !!

What a perfect day watching common dolphins and Cuvier´s beaked whales with AMBAR.

Cuvier's beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris)
Cuvier’s beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris)

Last Saturday the passengers of Hegaluze Barria ship enjoyed the calm sea crossing of The Bay of Biscay, the good weather and watched a big pod of common dolphins and a couple of Cuvier´s beaked whales swimming close to the ship. At 11.22 a group of six common dolphins approached the boat shyly. Some minutes later the big pod of about sixty dolphins reached the ship and started playing with the boat; wake and bow riding. Around 12.25 a couple of big Cuvier´s beaked whales, a male and a female, were seen swimming close to the boat. We also watched plenty of sea birds such as storm petrels, balearic shearwater, northern gannets, cormorants, and sandwich terns. A perfect day!!!

Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis)
Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis)